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By Jun Nardo, U.S. News Agency / Asian

It’s confirmed! “Eat Bulaga” host Julia Clarete has separated from  her non- showbiz Filipino-Chinese husband of several years with their only son at the custody of the TV host-actress.

The reasons for the break up were not detailed by Julia’s friend in order to protect the kid and the guy’s family. “At least, Julia’s marital problem is over now.

She’s just glad that their only son stays with her,” says Julia’s friend. Julia and her husband were married in a beach somewhere in La Union, Philippines.

The couple were happily married until we learned that something bad is happening to their relationship. The issue of break up has been denied by the “Bulaga” host several times.

But the rumors still persist until Julia’s friend confirmed the real score. “She’s a strong woman though and I believe, she can recover easily with what happened between her and her husband.” declares Julia’s trusted friend.

You may catch Julia everyday on her noontime show laughing, singing and acting with glee, that’s how good and actress she is! Laughing on the outside yet, crying on the inside. Life has to go on for Julia after all!

  • John De Pedro

    Is This True??? How Sad!!!

  • mon

    i believe the break up is true . she can just continue making people happy as host . pinakamagaling na host sa eat bulaga . walang saya kung wala si julia

  • amber

    i love julia very much…………………………………………..

  • amber

    ang galing mag host?saludo ako sa pag host mo sa eatbulaga.nasa u na lahat ang talent.go girl………………………………..

  • Michelle

    i like julia very much…
    since nsa ABS pa xa
    i hope dumating na c Mr. right
    para happy ka na…

    Good luck!

  • http://hotmail mona

    Julia you’re a strong lady, i’m a dabarkads and watch Eat Bulaga for years and i really thought you ‘re not married. Beautiful, intelligent and smart. You’ve tried it once don’t do it again. You’re lucky to have a son. Keep him and be with him. he will be your LuCKY CHARM!!!!!

  • Miyagi

    And this is news because?

  • Mr_chowking

    So pede na palang umentra! hahaha