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Simon Atkins asked Kim Chiu out via Twitter?

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By U.S. News Agency / Asian

It seems like the microblogging site Twitter has evolved into a modern-day Cupid as another sportsman used the site to try to meet his most admired celebrity.

Even before football heartthrob Phil Younghusband dared to publicly ask actress Angel Locsin to be his Valentine date, De la Salle University basketball star-model Simon Atkins has already expressed his desire to meet drama princess Kim Chiu.

On his Twitter account, Atkins asked his school mate and former “Pinoy Big Brother” (PBB) teen housemate Josef Elizalde to introduce him to Chiu.

“@josefelizalde pssst kim chiu! pakilala mo ako haha”, he tweeted.

Elizalde, who previously worked with Chiu in the Koreanovela remake “My Girl”, vowed to make Atkins’ wish a reality.

Meantime, TV-host Bianca Gonzalez was first to break the news as she tweeted: “Aaw, The Valentine spirit is on Twitter! First, Phil Younghusband asks Angel Locsin out; Next, I hear Simon Atkins wants to meet Kim Chiu!”

As expected, Atkins’ move also created a buzz in the Internet as Chiu’s fans quickly reacted.

zalavarriakaren tweeted: “Simon Atkins want to meet kim chiu? OMG! amp.”

hachikokim posted: “For the sake of Valentines, let’s root for SIKIM!!! (Simon Atkins & Kim Chiu)”

jopaydiets tweeted: “Simon atkins seriously kim chiu!?”

heyitsCon posted: “Kim Chiu and Simon Atkins? Why not?”

ilovekealexBFGF said: “@iamsuperbianca yeah, it’s only an admiration. simon atkins just want to see and meet kim chiu & that’s not bad. it will not affect kimerald.”

ethelportillo tweeted: “So La Salle hardcourt cutie Simon Atkins wants to meet Kim Chiu! Love is indeed in the air!!! Love Love Love.”

bencheeze posted: “Waaah! Simon atkins wants to meet Kim Chiu! No way! Uunahan ko na sya. Hehe”

julessanez reacted: “ang kulit lang kung may phil and angel meron din palang simon atkins at kim chiu..at lahat sa twitter din naganap.”

However, the basketball player clarified that he has not asked Chiu out yet until they have been formally introduced to each other.

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  • anonymous

    simon atkins n kim chui omg go go go kimmy

  • anon2

    haha! looks like the guy wants some publicity.