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Loud explosion outside DLSU causes injuries to scores of students, bystanders

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By US News Agency / Asian

A loud explosion occurred outside the De La Salle University (DLSU) on Taft Avenue, Manila on Sunday afternoon, causing injuries to scores of students and bystanders.

Police said the loud explosion caused people to scamper away toward different directions around 5 p.m. afterwhich
scores of people were seen lying on the ground with injuries. The victims were taken to nearby Ospital ng Maynila.

Among the victims were identified as Joanna Katrina Ledda, Arvin Francis Rosales, Philip Edwin Teelo, Gennilyn Ong, Cyril Ferrer, Kathleen Samba, Azenith Gonzalvo, Jamell Ann Marie and Renald Sudla.

The Manila Police District (MPD) estimated that the injured victims were not less than 10.

Police said there were many students from various schools outside DLSU where the last Sunday of the 2010 Bar examination was being held..

It was not clear if the explosion was caused by pillbox or pyrotechnics. Investigators are determining the information that there were hurling of bottles among groups before the explosion occurred.

Bomb experts from the MPD Explosive Ordnance Division rushed to the site of the explosion and cordoned off the area.

MPD bomb teams gathered debris for parts of the explosive.

A De La Salle security guard said there were many students from various schools in the area when the loud explosion happened.

A commotion followed as students and bystanders panicked and scampered to safety. The explosion was so strong that its effect can be felt even at the Light Railway Vito Cruz Station.

Witnesses saw victims with blood oozing from their bodies.

There were students who initially said that the loud sound could have been the handiwork of students to celebrate the last day of the bar exam for this year.

Law graduates take the Bar Examinations on all four Sundays of September at the De La Salle University (DLSU) on Taft Avenue, Manila.

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