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NAIA authorities hold Chinese couple for ‘Yamashita Gold’ bar smuggle try

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By U.S. News Agency / Asian

A Chinese couple were held for questioning Sunday at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminal 2 for attempted smuggling of a “Yamashita gold bar” to Hong Kong.

The gold bar that weighed almost five kilograms and has 999.9 marking was confiscated from Zhaohai Hong and Yanyan Xu.

The couple were about to leave the country aboard Philippine Airlines flight PR-300 for Hong Kong at about 8 a.m.

According to Maj. Mariano Biteng, Customs police sector commander at the NAIA, a security screener identified as Jose Saluna, who was manning the x-ray machine, noticed a rectangular shape figure inside the luggage of the Chinese couple.

Saluna called the attention of the Customs authorities and the PNP-Aviation Security Group after he requested the owners to open the bag for inspection.

It was learned that the bag yielded a gold bar which also have markings of a “Yamashita Gold.”

After a thorough examination of the gold bar, it turned out to be a bronze and it was only a replica of a gold bar.

The Chinese couple, through an interpreter, said they bought the gold bar in a bazaar in Manila because of the “Yamashita Gold” marking on it.

They planned to bring the stuff to Hong Kong for a souvenir.

The fake gold bar was confiscated and the couple were later allowed to fly back to Hong Kong.

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