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Napolcom sets new guidelines for lateral entrants in the police service

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By PNA and U.S. News Agency / Asian

In its efforts to continuously improve the police service, the National Police Commission (Napolcom) has amended its guidelines for accepting only the best and most qualified lateral entrants in the Philippine National Police.

The Napolcom issued Memorandum Circular No. 2011-005 amending the prescribed sequential procedures in the processing of lateral entry applicants in the PNP and the guidelines on probationary period.

According to Napolcom Chairman Jesse M. Robredo, the new memorandum was issued after the Commission found the need to amend Napolcom MC No. 2008-006 in order to attune it with recent developments and address the current issues at hand and to ensure the appointment of the best and most qualified lateral entry applicants.

Robredo, who is also the Department of Interior and Local Government secretary, said that one of the salient provisions of the revised memorandum is the prescribed sequential procedure in the processing of applicants for lateral entry.

The procedure will start with the psychological and/or neuro-psychiatric test to exclude applicants who may be suffering from any mental disorder.

These will be followed with the physical and medical examination, character background investigation, drug test, physical agility test, final interview, and the final deliberation and selection of highly qualified candidates for appointment.

Section 33 of Republic Act No. 6975 (PNP Law) provides that all original appointments of commissioned officers in the PNP starts with the rank of police inspector (equivalent to lieutenant) to include those with highly technical qualifications, namely, dentists, optometrists, nurses, engineers and graduates of forensic sciences.

Doctors of medicine, members of the Philippine Bar, chaplains and psychologists are qualified for appointment to the rank of police senior inspector (equivalent to captain) in the PNP technical service offices.

For his part, Napolcom Vice Chairman and Executive Officer Eduardo U. Escueta said that the amendments are intended to ensure the entry of physically and mentally fit lateral entrants, expedite the resolution of cases involving termination of officer on probationary period, and save resources on the part of the PNP.

He added that the new MC also provides guidelines on the termination of service of a PNP lateral entrant for unsatisfactory conduct or performance while under probationary period.

Escueta said the termination of service maybe initiated by the appropriate regional director, police regional office (PRO) or director, national support unit (NSU) based on the investigation/official report of the case against any PNP member or upon a verified complaint of any person accompanied with sworn statements and documents in support thereof.

The case shall be referred to the designated Termination Hearing Officer (THO) at the PNP National Headquarters, PRO or NSU for review and Summary Termination Proceedings. The THO concerned shall render its findings and recommendations within 10 days upon receipt of the case folder and submit a recommendation to the Chief, PNP based on the merits of the case.

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