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Cebu City Hall reduces summer jobs this year

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By U.S. News Agency / Asian

Cebu City Hall will hire only 300 students for its summer job program this year, a drastic cut from the 2,200 students it hired last year.

The city also reduced the budget for the implementation of the Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) from P11 million last year, an election year, to only P1.8 million this year.

City Hall, however increased the daily salary of the beneficiaries to P300 from P267 last year, as specified in the project proposal of the Department of Manpower Development and Placement (DMDP) for this year’s SPES.

Cebu City Councilor Sisinio Andales, chairman of the City Council committee on labor, employment, livelihood and manpower development, said they reduced the number of beneficiaries this year due to the lack of funds.

In 2010, the city hired some 2,200 students for the city’s SPES were only 300 students. In 2009, 681 students were hired.

Last year, the sudden increase of the number of beneficiaries and the budget for the SPES drew criticisms from opposition candidates, who said that the program was part of then mayor Tomas Osmena’s vote-buying spree.

Osmena ran and was elected congressman of the south district.

He explained that time that the city had more funds to spare for the program, that’s why they were able to hire more students.

Every year, the city offers summer jobs to poor but deserving high school and college student sin line with Republic Act (RA) 7223.

The law seeks to help student gain experience and earn some cash, which they can use in time for the opening of classes in June.

The SPES caters to students 18 to 24 years old, and who are enrolled for the current school year.

Out of school youths can also avail themselves of the program provided that they are going to enroll after the program.

The 20-day summer job will start on April 4 and will end on May 3 for the first batch. The second batch will report to work from May 4 to May 31.

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  • http://yahoo Ronamita Angelic L. Bentillo

    Good Afternoon.I would like to ask of where i am going to address my application letter in applying for SPES?

    And am i qualified to apply even though i’m still 16 years old?

    Thank you very much.

  • jerson uy

    im also a graduating student from talaga national argao high school! ! im looking forward to apply for this summer job , i dont have any express but still im a hard working person , i need this job soo i can suplay my dayly neededs

  • ridz

    Good Day!Im Mariz Archimae Torralba, 19 years old, from Butuan City and studied at Father Saturnino Urios University. I’m spending my summer vacation there in Cebu City. I just want to know if I can apply in this program though im not living in the said city?

    Looking forward for your positive response.

    Thank you and God Bless!

  • Alyssah Marie Ortizo

    Hi. i am a college student of University of San Jose Recolotos. I am looking for a summer job. I am willing to work with you.

    Thank you.

  • Alyssa Iris Nojo

    Good Evening! I’m Alyssa, turning third -year college student of CIT-University .. Im also looking for a summer job. and I am willing to work with you also.. :) thanks .

  • Jay Nadela

    Hi!… Good afternoon!… I would like also to ask if where I’m going to submit an application letter?… I’m a third year college stud. I badly need a job this summer… for rainy days… Thank you.. :)

  • http://yahoo.com esperidion nillas

    HI…I am a college student of Cebu technological University. I am looking for a summer job.Can you offer me any kind of job. I am willing to work with you. Thank you!!!

  • http://yahoomail.com Kisha Anne Dinapo

    Hi! good afternoon. I’m a college student. I am looking for a summer job. And I’m willing to work with you.

    Thank you and god bless :)

  • admin

    Interesting. So many people interested to take up summer work in Cebu.

    However, I am not from Cebu, but perhaps this page will help you find the relevant person.


  • http://www.yahoomail.com shyrlyn basirgo

    hello good day? i would like to ask, how can we apply to this oppurtunity?
    i am willing to work with you.

  • Geraldine T. Amistouso

    Hi, I am a college student of University of San JOse Recoletos and I’m looking for a summer job. I’m willing to train and learn..

  • http://yahoomail.com Warner A. Tan

    Good day,,..I would like to know if you accept a summer job? I am a fresh graduate student from University of the Visayas…what are your offers?….any available position? i am 16 years….and i am very much willing to work in your company…

  • Eunice Fiah Joye S. Andan

    hi,i am college student from southwestern university,i am looking for a summer job.I’m willing to work with you and willing to learn more. I really need to have a job.. thank you!

  • http://www.facebook.com Ma. Lourdes V. Velita

    Hi, I am a third year high school student. I’m looking for a summer job. I need a summer job so that I can earn extra money for my studies this coming opening of the class. In a little way I can also help my parents. Do I qualify to apply even though I am 16 years old? I am willing to be trained if needed. Thanks a lot and God speed.

  • Flora Mae Rublica

    Hi, I’m a college student from University of San Carlos.
    I am searching for a summer job so that I can earn money this summer.
    I am only 17 years of age. Thanks a lot.

  • Yanz Mae18

    hi! im a college student from ACT looking for a summer job so that i can earn extra budget for my studies.I’m willing to work with you.I need to have a job..thank you…

  • Evangeline M. Fano

    hello! sir and madam , I’m a college student from ACT looking for a summer job in order to earn money for my studies and to have an extra budget. I’m willing to work in your company. . . thank you!

  • arthel

    Hi good day! Im ARTHEL P. BRAVO a 3rd year college student of Cebu eastern college. Took up Bachelor of science in tourism management. an im looking for summer job, to earn money to support my needs in school and others. Thank you.. Godbless all :)

  • cathlay

    Good day! I’m Cathy S.  Torremocha a first year college student of the University of the Visayas  main campus…Taking up a Bachelor of Secondary Education…Since opportunity is still knocking I want to grab this ..I am looking for a summer job in preparation for the next school year since the Cebu City cancelled me as a government scholar…I appreciate it very much if the government allow me to grab this opportunity…so that i can earn money to support my needs in school…

            Sir Good day to you and to your staff….Sir I want you to know that the scholarship that i”ved receive from cebu  city really my hope to pursue my college degree since it was a 4 years guaranty..But it has been cancelled this 2nd sem. due to my parents residential status..Yes it’s true that my parents are not living here but for you to know after my  elementary days I went to cebu para lang maka eskuyla ko….lipay kai ko nga naka avail ko ato ../I am residing here for almost 6 years para lang jud maka human ko sa akong pag eskwela…. sakit sa akong part nga na cancelled kai gusto jud ko muhuman sa akong pag tungha..I was doubt why some of my high school classmates nga dili taga cebu  on going pa gihapon……

          Sir, ako ning utang bout nimu ug imung i balik ang akong scholarship para next school year maka skwela pa japon ko………Bisan gani wala ko tugti sa akong mga ginikanan na muari sa cebu nangurso man gani ko aron lang jud maka eskwela ko ug human……Sir I know maloloy”on ka… Hinaout nga imu ning dunggon….

    Daghang Salamat…..