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Huge Prayer Rally Appeal to Supreme Court led by Mayor Ruby Talaga and Lucena City Constituents

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Huge Prayer Rally Appeal to Supreme Court led by Mayor Ruby Talaga and Lucena City Constituents
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By Johnny Pavon, U.S. News Las Vegas, CALABARZON Chief News Correspondent

A prayer rally organized by supporters of Lucena City Mayor Barbara Ruby Talaga composed of women leaders, private and various sectors held Thursday night in front of Old City Hall.

It was attended by approximately five thousand supporters who include women, elderly, transport, youth and religious groups and ordinary citizens who have taken and believe in the legality of being mayor of Talaga.

This step is to peacefully express their feelings and prayers to guide for correct and fair decision of the Supreme Court in an appeal filed for certiorari and Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) of the camp of Mayor Barbara C. Ruby Talaga.

According to supporters, they believe in the integrity of judges and the prayer rally is just one way of showing their sympathy and sentiment. They were confused on the decision of the Comelec en banc of annulling the election and proclamation of Mayor and granting the petition-in-intervention of current Vice Mayor Roderick Alcala.

Part of their collective prayer to the Lord approaches the truth prevail and the decision of the Supreme Court will be a result of thorough analysis on the merit of the case.

Before the prayer rally was held, 23 barangay captains of Lucena City expressed their thoughts through an open letter to the Supreme Court being published in two national newspapers showing their opinions and feelings on the decision of the Comelec en banc and the Comelec 2nd Division.

Second District Board Member Romano Franco Talaga, son of Mayor Ruby Talaga emotionally gave a passionate response and acknowledgment to those who gave their love and support to their family and what the decision of the honorable Supreme Court is tailored to the will of the Lord.

The majority of the people of Lucena have no other desire but to keep silence, peace and above all for the sake of the city.

“No power, no influence and no cash are more powerful than the prayer that we raised to the Lord”, BM Talaga said.

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