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Kins of Filipina nurse killed in California cry for justice

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By US News Agency / Asian

The family of a lady nurse who was killed by a prisoner in California, USA is seeking justice.

Family members who requested anonymity said that Filipina nurse Cynthia Barraca Palomata was killed by suspected thieves while on duty at the Contra Costa County Jail in California, USA, last week.

“Palomata was on duty when suspected American thief, Aaron Nygaard attempted to escape and smashed her with a table lamp,” the family member said.

Palomata was hospitalized after the attack but died last Thursday.

Aaron Nygaard was an inmate waiting to be processed on burglary charges at the county jail. He faked a seizure and hit Palomata with a table lamp from the nurses’ station.

He will be charged with murder.

Currently, the family members are coordinating with the Department of Foreign Affairs to process the needed documents for the repatriation of her remains.

Palomata started working as a nurse inside the prison camp facility since 2005. She is from Nabas, Aklan.

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