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“Peryahan” at a memorial park in Bataan

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By US News Agency / Asian

Not only the departed but the living ones seem to be the target of attention of the Eternal Shrine Memorial Park, the biggest cemetery in the province located at a 10-hectare flat land in barangay Talisay in this city.

Every year, the park, a week before November 1 or known as All Saints’ Day, opens a “peryahan” complete with ferries wheel, horror train and other games common in amusement parks and barrio or town fiesta.

“It was so lonely here before because there were only few that were buried here. That’s why, the “peryahan” was put up to make the place a merry one, which goes on until now,” explained Eternal Shrine supervisor Rey Sanggalang.

He said the “peryahan” later served as deterrent to overcrowding in the main park itself because children and even adults trooped to the amusement park where various items, including food, are for sale.

Sanggalang said although the “peryahan” is a place for fun, families of the dead visiting the cemetery can pray quietly right in the garden park, the mausoleum and the ordinary tomb near a chapel.

The “peryahan” is located at one of the far corners of the park. It will operate until November 1.

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