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Palaro: Seven-day football officiating seminar set in Dapitan City

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By U.S. News Agency / Asian

A seven-day seminar on football officiating and competition assessors will be held on April 28 to May 6 in connection with the 2011 Palarong Pambansa the City of Dapitan is hosting.

The one-week workshop, sanctioned by the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) and the Philippine football Federation (PFF) in cooperation with the Department of Education Task Force on School Sports (TFSS), consists of a five-day referees course and two-day competition assessors course

There shall be 30 participants for the referees’ course and the same number for the assessors’ seminar representing the different football associations (FAs) from all the country in an effort to improving football officiating.

The PFF expects FAs to nominate participants who are already selected to officiate in the 2011 Palarong Pambansa. Also, Palaro referees who are not selected as regular participants will be allowed to sit-in as observers.

Finishers in the regular course participants and clinic shall be awarded with FIFA-PFF completion certificates, and shall be eligible for advanced referees courses which the international federation will conduct in the future, while sit-in observers will be given attendance certificates.

The referees’ course and the assessors’ seminar shall be handled by three international lecturers coming from the FIFA, to be assisted by PFF resourse persons and lecturers.

The participants and lecturers shall be housed at the Dakak Beach Resort, Dapitan City, where the lecture sessions will also be held.

Practicum and the High Intensity Physical Fitness test will be conducted at the now-being constructed all-weather track oval of the Dapitan City Sports Complex at the Jose Rizal Memorial State University campus, main hub of this year’s Palaro, to be held in celebration of the 100 years of organized sports in the country.

These are all arranged and subsidized by the 2011 Palarong Pambansa Organizing Committee under the chairmanship of former Congressman Romeo G. Jalosjos, who will also provide logistical support.

During the organizational meeting for the program attended by representatives from the PFF, DepED TFSS and Office of the Mayor of Dapitan City, chairman Jalosjos said “I welcome all activities that will advance our school sports program, most especially those that will help improve the Palarong Pambansa.

“We want this year’s Palaro to be the best, and at the way things are going, and with the support of other stakeholders, we are confident that this will indeed happen.”

Chairman Jalosjos has also lined up other support activities for the 2011 Palaro which includes the “Rennaisance of Rizal” program, seen to launch a nation-wide program to “re-enshrine Rizal into the national consciousness” through the conduct of series of Rizal inspired activities.

Also to be held are Special PNoy Invitational National Shootfest (SPINS sa Dapitan) which will gather together national and local government officials who are shooting enthusiasts; and the “D2D Mindanao Ride”, a mass-ride circling Mindanao to start and finish in Dapitan City, where all motorcycle riding clubs in the country will be invited to participate.

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